Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar 2019

Kevin Low

Kevin Low is a photographer from Singapore (you might have heard of the country from Crazy Rich Asians). Kevin isn't crazy rich so he decided to contribute to charity in another way – shooting naked people for the RAG Cambridge Blues Naked Calendar. 


This calendar is the proud culmination of the RAG team's passion, creativity and early morning coffee runs. He would like to thank the team and all the athletes for their enthusiasm and good nature despite the sub-zero temperatures. 



When he's not taking photos, you can find Kevin in Wolfson College, usually around where food is found. He is also involved in the Cambridge University Southeast Asian Society (CUSEAS) and the Cambridge University Real Estate Finance and Investment Society (CUREFIS). If you want to complain about the photos (or say hi), you can find him at their events. 

Check out some of his other works below or at ( and @kevinlowphoto on Instagram.